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Japanese to Tagalog (Filipino)

Japanese to Tagalog (Filipino)

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Translation of Japanese to Tagalog (Filipino)

You can choose to have your translation done three different ways:

1. Machine Translation: we use our specialised computer translation engine that has extremely high accuracy. Our specialised computer translation engine can translate into over 100 languages.

2. Human Translation: we use highly competent speakers and writers of both the original and the language they are translating to, to check through the original text, the machine translation and then tweak the translation to correct anything lost in translation.

3. Accredited Human Translation: we use accredited translators from NAATI and other accreditation bodies to translate your documents. These translators are supported by our experts in our Format and Brand Retention across languages and our Global Digital Translation Delivery System.

If you have a document that has 10 pages, add 10 of whichever translation option you would like to your cart. If you have large translation volumes please contact us for volume discounts. Even if you do not have large translation volumes, we love speaking with our customers, so please leave your phone number for us to call you and find out about your needs.

Prices include use of our purpose built, global digital translation delivery system. This means, where ever your customer is in the world, they can access the translated and original documents. All they need is a mobile phone or computer and an internet connection.

At checkout please tell us:

  1. If you would like your translated documents password protected or available.
  2. The email address you would like us to send your links and QR code to.
  3. The timeframe you would like your translation(s) done in.

If you choose a language combination that isn't often spoken together, please contact us before purchasing Human Translations. There may be a very small number of people in the world capable of translating your document and those people may not be available inside the timeframe you would like. Machine Learning translations are always available.

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